A designers hotel where you can spend your quality time

We wish our guests can spend their quality time in a good and relaxing way. However, it would be a bit boring without something fun. A stylish and luxurious space of your travel destination for you to spend your precious time.

  • Free Wifi
  • pocket Wi-Fi 1day¥500
  • Single Room

    Possible for a maximum of 2 people to stay

    There are 2 types of Single Rooms available: Standard Single and Superior Single. A functional, comfortable and well-organised space for guests to relax.

    Areaabout 16m²~
    No. of guests1-2
    Facilitiessemi-double bed, no bathtub
    Single Room
  • Double Room

    An elegant space one grade above Single Rooms

    There are 2 types of Double Rooms available: Standard Double and Superior Double. Guests can get away from the din and bustle of the city and refresh themselves in the spacious rooms. It is not only suitable for the use of 2 people, but also for single guests who wish to stay in larger rooms.

    Areaabout 20m²~
    No. of guests1-2
    Facilitiessemi-double bed, no bathtub
    Double Room
  • Twin Room

    Possible for family use

    There are 2 types of Twin Rooms available: Superior Twin and Family Twin. The rooms are most suitable for trips with families and friends or business use.

    Areaabout 30m²~
    No. of guestsFamily Twin - 2 people/Superior - 2-4 people
    FacilitiesFamily Twin - 2 semi-double beds/Superior - 2 double beds; no bathtub
    Twin Room
  • Family Room

    To spend the greatest time with friends or families

    It is most suitable for the use of family or friends trip, with the spacious living and dining room provided. The rooms fully realise the "Urban Home" concept of our hotel.

    Areaabout 51m²~
    No. of guests4 people at maximum
    Facilities4 semi-double beds, no bathtub
    Family Room